Quadrant Business Opportunities helps its clients with their Merger and Opportunities process. We provide specialized knowledge of the local business environment, and combine traditional business methods with innovative, and cost-saving solutions. Our services have helped many clients meet their M & A goals, profitably and within budget and timescale.

We Focus On Your Needs

In your relationship with us, you concentrate on doing what you do best - confident that you will benefit from our training and experience to find you suitable acquisition candidates

Focused on Your Needs

We engage our clients through value-added information narrowly focused to meet your needs.

Expertise & Information

We offer high quality information content related to the Merger & Acquisition process based upon our knowledge of the California business environment.

Planning & Innovation

For each client, we have an Acquisition Search Plan that combines conventional business methods with creative thinking and innovation.

Business Opportunities Abound

In our acquisition search, we represent your company ethically in identifying the potential acquisition candidates. We have access to a wide range of attractive acquisition opportunities through our personal and professional contacts with senior members of industrial and professional groups, and with the senior management of major California corporations and their subsidiaries. We meet with managing partners of venture capital companies who, in their role as advisors and Board Members of their Portfolio companies, sometime seek acquisitions for their portfolio companies. In addition, we are in contact with many of the established M & A Intermediaries in Northern California. California is a major force in the U.S. and international markets. New business strategies, new technologies, and new financing technologies usually emerge here first. Established businesses divest themselves of profitable subsidiaries in order to make way for new strategic business activity. This presents opportunities for synergistic acquisitions. International buyers frequently avail themselves of these divestures to consolidate their position in a related industry located in a less competitive market.

We Find The Oysters - You Get The Pearls

Nationally, through our meetings with other M & A groups, and internationally through membership in the International Business Brokers Association, we generate the many leads necessary to identify the “Pearls”. We meet at least twice a year with the management teams of various Private Investment Groups operating in the U.S. It is partly through such associations that we obtain early information about situations of interest to our clients.

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